How to Sew for Charity

After you've made your 15th burp cloth or your 25th afghan or your 50th scarf, you might realize that you've run out of people to make things for. Every friend, family member, co-worker, and acquaintance has been gifted with something you've made, and your whole house is covered with sewing projects, from curtains and pillows to the clothes in your closet. But you still want to keep sewing. So what's a budding sewer to do?

Sew for charities! There are charities for every affliction that will happily take your donations of money, time, and gently-used items. But what a lot of people don't think of is crafts! Here's a list of some charities that you can sew for, so put your talents and your passion for sewing toward a good cause:

Afghan Blanket Knitting Pattern

Project Linus: Sew a blanket to give to a sick child in the hospital. Many children rely on protection blankets to get through difficult times, and a handmade blanket donated by a caring stranger can do wonders for a child in need. All types of blankets are accepted-crochet, knit, sewn, quilted, or even tied fleece. If it's handmade, it's good!

How to Sew for Charity

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Craft Hope: This assosication has developed a list of craft patterns or task tutorials for whatever to use, accompanied by a list of charities that are in need of these handmade items. For instance, they've got a pillowcase pattern with instructions on donating to ConKerr Cancer, a charity that distributes pillowcases to sick children. Be sure to check out their book for the projects.

Blankets of Hope: You can also send your homemade blankets to wounded soldiers and veterans. Soldiers are taken into hospitals fast after being wounded, often not having enough time to take their personal belongings with them. Having a homemade blanket to themselves is immensely comforting. Show our soldiers and veterans that you care!

Dress a Girl around the World: imagine a world where every itsybitsy girl owned at least one dress. That's the motto of this organization, which makes and distributes pillowcase dresses to girls all over the world, from Uganda to Hong Kong to Australia. Use one of the patterns on their site for a quick and easy charity sewing project.

Have you ever sewn for charity? Which charities have I missed?

How to Sew for CharityChanging Colors in Crochet Tube. Duration : 1.03 Mins.

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