How to Make Your Own Knitting Loom Very Inexpensively

When I first saw a knitting loom all I concept was "what a waste of time". Later I bought one for my granddaughter and she began to make hats on it. This was all well and good for a child but I saw no use for it as an adult.

I already knew how to knit by hand and machine, also I crocheted so this just looked like a toy to me. My sisters bought some looms and were busy production hats for the shelters. I paid little concentration to them until they seemed to be having so much fun. I than bought a cheap set of looms just so I could join them in their fun. I soon realized that a hat could be completed in a fraction of the time it took me to hand knit one. Yes I could knit it on the machine faster but you don't haul a knitting machine to your sisters when the gals are just getting together for a bit.

Afghan Blanket Knitting Pattern

Still I concept ok this is fine for knitting hats but that was all I saw them doing. So plainly I had to start fooling colse to and to see what I could make up also hats and scarves.

How to Make Your Own Knitting Loom Very Inexpensively

Crocheted Afghans: 25 Throws, Wraps, and Blankets to Crochet Best

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I was pleasantly surprised with what could be done on these very basic looms. But the cost of buying a rake or board loo is out of the reach for a lot of people. So I sat down with my son in law and we got talking about how to make a loom.

With a smoothly sanded board and some cotter pins you could make a knitting loom any size or gauge you decide you want. The fine gauge looms are more high-priced than the quarterly gauge so it is beneficial to make your own. You need to space the pins at ¾ inch for a quarterly loom. With this loom you need to use two strands of yarn. Place the pegs ½ inch apart and you can knit a nice baby blanket with one shoreline of 4-ply yarn.

That is when we came up with the Po' Folks loom. It can be made in any size, round or straight. The most important things to remember about a knitting loom or rake knitting is that the wood needs to be flat and the pegs at equal distance whether large gauge or small.

So even if you are using a homemade knitting loom you can make gorgeous hats, scarves, slippers, afghans, sweaters, booties and so much more. Do not limit yourself as I did, try them and find out just how much fun they can be.

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