How to Crochet a Blanket

Learning how to crochet a blanket can give you great warmth inside and out. If you know how to crochet or just learning, production blankets can be very useful items to craft. Now, if you have never crocheted before, there are a few things you will need and learn before you can craft a blanket well. You will need a yarn that is too your liking. A hook that works with the weight of the yarn, and possible a pattern depending on how fancy you are finding to get. Also remember to have a conferable place to sit with good lighting. Crocheting blankets can come to be very time consuming, but can be a good stress reliever and rewarding with your terminated product.

When you have all to start crocheting, the first step to production a basic blanket is to start chain stitching the width your want your blanket to be. Next, continue chain stitching back and forth to make the distance of your blanket. Finally, continue till your blanket becomes the distance you want it to be. This , of course, will just make a basic single patterned blanket, but will get you well on your way to developing your own personal style. Once you have the idea, you can start production granny squares to link together for a different designed blanket.

Afghan Blanket Knitting Pattern

After you learn how to crochet blankets and have a few made, you will have family members at awe when receiving them, the blankets, from you. There is nothing, in my opinion, sweeter than receiving a crafted item rather than something that is store bought as a gift. So if you are finding for that something extra to hand out as a gift, think about studying how to crochet a blanket for your next gift giving occasion. Not only will they be pleased with a gift from the heart, but they will have something to stay warm with in the cooler months of the year. So if you do have some free time on your hands after the work day is done, take the time to learn how to crochet a blanket.

How to Crochet a Blanket

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200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match Overview

From Art Deco–inspired geometric designs to traditional checkerboard stripes and elaborate motifs, this guide helps crafters rediscover crochet with more than 200 fabulous block patterns. Employing traditional styles and contemporary colors, crocheted blocks inspire crafters to create a dynamic palette of color, pattern, and texture by mixing, matching, and combining. Step-by-step instructions accompany each pattern, along with stunning photographs that encourage crocheters to explore a range of color combinations and coordinates. A directory of blocks is cross-referenced with symbols that describe the techniques used and the degree of difficulty, and each pattern is designed so that finished blocks are the same size when they are worked in yarn of the same weight. A useful refresher course of crochet stitches and techniques is included, as are patterns for edgings and instructions on making fringes to finish off afghans in style.

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